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Inquisitor is providing online billing software for small business, Call Today +91 9318382487. Our Billing Software With GST start @500 per Month Multi Device Online Software . Receive your payments and manage a customized invoicing/billing workflow with INQPOS. According to the ledger our system manages all sections like Sales, Sales returns automatically. Real Time Sale View Generate View for […]

Inquisitor is a software company India. We offer customize payroll management software. Payroll management is the indispensable desk for any enterprise or company because the workers need to be compensated for their job by the employer in a rational manner as per the policy of company. While this task was traditionally performed by the ‘munim’ or the chief […]

Inquisitor is the leading Billing Software Company. In the modern digital age, everything has gone smart and streamlined. Specialized software products can be given credit for the targeted applications. The companies and enterprises have also benefited along multiple dimensions including the in-house operations, human resources management and workflows. Payroll management system is one such niche in […]