04Jan 2018

Inquisitor’s INQPOS has been developed as a flexible yet robust web based application that allows the point of sale vendors to undertake streamlined operations without any hassles. The inbuilt functions of INQPOS have been designed in a manner to respond swiftly towards the real time needs of the vendors who seek speed, reliability and customized […]

03Sep 2017
Salary Payroll Management

There was a time when all the records in any corporate office where manually maintained. Today, all records in a company are kept on a computer system. The level of sophistication of the computer system being used by a company would depend on its size and its need to protect its data. Irrespective of the […]

07Jul 2017
Payroll Management Software

The organization and structure of every business are unique. Therefore, the needs of a payroll software for each business would be unique as well. There are many ready-made payroll software that are available in the market, but buying them may not be the best option for your company. What you need is a customized payroll […]

03Jul 2017
Payroll Management Software

organizations needs A reliable Payroll software . Whether you are running a small company with only a handful of employees or you are in-charge of a big corporate house with a large number of employees spread across various locations. There is one thing common amongst all companies and that is their need for a reliable […]