Inquisitor is a software company India. We offer customize payroll management software. Payroll management is the indispensable desk for any enterprise or company because the workers need to be compensated for their job by the employer in a rational manner as per the policy of company. While this task was traditionally performed by the ‘munim’ or the chief clerk of the commercial establishment, the concept was replaced by the more robust HR department that is now manned by professionals having competence in all the demanded dimensions. This was done to make the process more swift & efficient, well managed, reduce human error and usher transparency. Today, the HR managers rely on dedicated payroll software to generate fine automation in the execution of HR policies including the salary that forms the core of it.

The benefits of customized payroll software are many relative to the standard ones that are offered with rigid and blunt makes. Such software is specifically designed at request from the client company. However, before attempting to make such software, it is imperative for the developer to undertake detailed analyses to ascertain as how the HR matrix of the company is spread and what policies the company adopts towards its workforce. Unless the differentiation are clearly established, the making of custom software will be a defunct exercise and the product would be a fail! Such an assessment requires the close consultations of the developer with the company echelons so that first hand authentic information regarding company’s ‘in house’ payroll process is collected. This information is then used to condition the broad framework that defines any payroll management software. It is this conditioning that generates customization; such that when it is integrated in the company’s HR department then the functions and requirements find complete match!

Customize Payroll Management Software

Customize Payroll Management Software

The components of customization that are ensured in payroll software of the company include the following –

The compensation slabs
Integration of the pay period
Exemptions and penalties (if any)
Tax filing deadlines
Other deadlines such as for applying leaves, exemptions with the employer
Leave entitlements and management functions (as per company policy)
ESI and PF entitlements and deduction functions integration with different pay slabs
Any other dimension as required by the company

The above listed components are those that generally differ significantly from one to other company and this establishes the significance of customization protocols that are implanted in the payroll process software.

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