Employee Self Service System Inquisitor

Human resource is the component most intrinsic to any enterprise. Without the personnel and workforce’s, the initiatives would be defunct and devoid of substance and momentum.That is why we find dedicated human resource departments in the companies of age. The objective is to offer a specialized desk towards the requirements of workforce’s. Their requirements are today a whole array apart from compensation! ESS or ‘employee self service’ is a web enabled network that connects all the employees of the company and also offers to them, the passage to interface with the echelons in the office of human resource.It could be called the ‘employee management software’ that remains online and hence dynamic always.

ESS – re-defining the HR department working

ESS has emerged as a broader concept that now underpins most of the dimensions of human resources in any company of modern economy. Credit also goes to the realistic software development through which the essential components of human resource management have been underpinned effectively and we find a definite value emerging through the online system of employee self service. In the ESS, every employee has his own account that is most of the times password protected. The employee thus has the option to login his account and an interface is developed with the company. The human resource officials also have the admin privileges to communicate with each employee through such an online portal. Such indirect mechanism allows various orientations and tasks for both the HR managers and individual employees of the organization. Ranging from employee salary slip availability to application of leave, diversity of activities are facilitated. This has simplified the HR window now in the companies where through indirect yet very authentic communications, diverse functions are materialized.

Multiple tasks accomplished through ESS

Not only the communicative efficiencies are developed towards responding the employees,overall budget of the HR department is also reduced significantly. This happens because most of the tasks are done through the user/employee account itself. He can access his salary slip online, make applications for reimbursements in the HR department, can update his personal information like contact details and address among others and access information of the company like statistics or the dynamic notification relating to taxation deadlines, rebates, etc. The employee can also check his leave application status and leave balances any time and can have first hand authentic information regarding the retirement,pensions and other benefits. These tasks as accomplished effectively through ESS not only mark the ease in HR department but it also showcases the value being generated for the employees and the company.

Companies seeking custom ESS now!

The fundamental benefit and value derived from the employee self service online portal is due to the smart web technology that secures reliable and broad based interfacing abilities.In ESS, this interfacing is not real time but account based. It is sort of meeting window for the HR official and employee. Customized ESS portals are being developed at request. The company can choose to have web enabled or have its own intranet. ESS systems have proved very useful in cases where the organizational workforce’s are highly scattered geographically!

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