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GST-ready Invoicing/Billing

INQPOS is Online Billing and Inventory Application that helps you to work on different platforms for all your location . Create Invoice and send via E-Mail, Track your Sale,Payment, Receiving, Ledger at real time.

What do I get with INQPOS.COM

Anywhere Access

View your total Sales, Purchase and Tax deposit summary on your desktop or mobile. Get a Graphic presentation helps you to better understand your Sales & Purchase.

Ledger Management

Easy to manage your list of Customers & Vendors by which you can segregate them in different Group with Agent/Dealer details. Our system provides Ledger Balance, Statements, Register and Print Envelopes and many more..

Payments & Receiving

Receive your payments and manage a customized invoicing/billing workflow with INQPOS. According to the ledger our system manages all sections like Sales, Sales returns automatically.

Easy Configuration

Our system allows you the configuration of application. You can now include custom fields in your invoices and add your data accordingly and also made changes as per the requirements in Invoice format.

Multi Location Billing

Our system has been designed to overcome the challenges faced for multi location invoice systems. It will help you to add a new location just by installing our INQPOS and connect it to your head office in a matter of minutes.

MIS Reporting

Main part of our application, this system will help you to compare your sales between two periods. Maintain Ledger Balance details, Statements and provide ledger, product, billing, purchase summary with export option for more analysts.

Experience user friendly design

Experience the fastest way to generate your bills with our web based application.
Our system is designed & based on practical experiences of users. This application basically helps P.O.S. users to understand and do there work very easily.


We explore and generate an idea for those who only requires Computerized billing, and don’t want to handle big application with lots of features.
We provide a user-friendly system to generate, manage and send Bills/Invoices.
Our Cloud based system helps you to manage your Bills/Invoices through multiple devices any time from anywhere.

Responsive across devices

Easy-to-use with responsive features and adaptive point of sale system. 

It also have multi-user and multi-location options to manage Billing, Customer Database and SMS Facility.

One Month free trial

Only Tools

₹ 200

Per user/month billed annually
₹ 250 month-to-month

  • Customer Database
  • Customer Group
  • Envelop Printing
  • Customer Report
  • SMS Module
  • Single User


₹ 500

Per user/month billed annually
₹ 600 month-to-month

  • All Feature in Tools
  • Product Database
  • Proforma invoice Creation
  • Invoice Creation
  • Invoice/Sale Return
  • Invoice/Bill Register
  • Product catalog Mailing
  • Payment Reminder System
  • Dynamic Calendar

+ Inventory

₹ 1000

Per user/month billed annually
₹ 1200 month-to-month

  • All Feature in Tools
  • All Feature in Billing
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • MIS Reporting
  • Product Ledger & Statement
  • Customer Ledger & Statement
  • Collection Details
  • Card And Cash Summary

Plus Taxes As Per Actual

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We designing application to fulfill your all requirement Related to your Invoice and Billing, and application also help to to manage your basic requirement like reminder, calendar and more.