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CRM software serves as a passage for the managers. A well crafted CRM software behaves in auto mode and keep churning the data pools that are dynamically available

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Cloud Computing

Centralized data managed by all users.


Identification of the location of a user or device via Google GeoLocations.

Multi User

Software allows access by multiple users of a computer. Time-sharing systems are multi-user systems.

Real Time Reports

Recording and reporting an event at the moment it occurs

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Inquisitor Infosoft Pvt Ltd is an Information Technology professional service company having specialization in providing - Customized Software Solutions, Ready to use Solutions, Web Development and Software Consultancy.

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  • Understand client Requirement
  • Using Best Developing Tool
  • Module Wise Application Breakup
  • Generate MIS Reports according to client requirements

Manage Complaints

Downs those still witty an balls so chief so. Moment an little remain no lively

Lead Managements

Process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviour and creating a powerful, automated closed loop reporting system

Visit and Attendance Management

Generate attendance on the basis of geolocation

Billing and Payments

Upload your bills and get payment follow ups

Quick Software Overview

Inquisitor is known for the best CRM software in India and also caters to clients around the world. It is a pioneer in designing custom CRM suites for companies in different niches and business orientations!

Trusted by the best companies

themselves.With such dedication towards the business process of the client firm, the CRM software design gets generic; and should not be accomplished through one single molding pattern!