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Salary Management | Leave Management | Attendance Management
Full & Final Management | Reimbursement Management | Statutory Management

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We provide Windows based Payroll software solutions for entire type of companies including M.N.C., Export House, Service sector etc. from last 15 years. Our system is design for HR department with best user experience and we also provide all type of customization in our application on requirement.


Employe Database

Save complete information about your employees like personal details, payroll info, accounting, work schedules etc.

Leave Managment

Leave Management

It allows you to generate or set up the employee leave. It gives an well-made record of leave on just one click to manage it simply.


Salary & Reimbursement

One of the versatile feature of Payroll which helps you to manage salary, leaves, allowance, deduction, advance & loan, PF, ESI, PTAX, ITAX and welfare

File Management

Personal File Managment

It includes & generate all important documents of employees related to their job such as appointment letter, joining letter etc.

Gov Returns

Statutory Management

Find all govt. returns like PF online return, ESI online return, WF monthly and quarterly return, State wise professional TAX calculation option, Income TAX and all return formats.

Attendence System

Attendance System

It helps you to manage employee shift, assign leave, manage manual punch, gather information and generate attendance for employees.


We designed window applications for help to HRE to do HRM related work in very easy manner, user can generate salary by attendance module or by entering manual attendance in payroll software, that help user to manage system easily.

By joining the system user can manage complete personal file. User can even generate File front page and temp. employee I-Card and more.

We provide all HR statutory Reports Related to (PF, ESI, Welfare, Professional Tax, Income Tax) are cover in our software


Automate your system will always help you to manage the work. Windows application are installed on your computer so that your reports and calculations are faster then web based software.

Payroll Software Basic Module
  • Payroll Management System
  • Payslip Generation
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Leave Management
  • Arrears Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Bonus/Ex-Gratia
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • Bank Transfer
Personal File
  • Front page of file
  • Appointment Letter in Hindi and English
  • Joining report
  • I-card (temp)
  • Age proof certificate
  • Promotion Letter Salary
  • Promotion letter Designation
  • Form-D, Form-16, Form-1, Form-11
  • Fitness Certificate
  • Declaration Form
Factory Act
  • Annual Return (Form no. 34)
  • FORM N (Maternity Benefit)
  • Annual Return (FORM III )
  • Annual Return (Workmen's Compensation)
  • Form No IV-A (Wages && Deduction From Wages)
  • FORM M (Maternity Benefit, FORM L (Maternity Benefit)
  • Half Yearly Return (Form No. 22)
  • Adult Worker Register

Our system will help you to make salary in very easy manner. We have 3 basic steps in our system to generate all type of reports required.

Payroll Software - Basic Module

Salary Slip, Salary Registers, Monthly Salary Summary, Payment Mode Summary, Deduction and allowance Reports, Bank Transfer, Loan and Advance, Increment Register, Increment Due Register, can view List of employees if salary not generated .
P.F. online Return and Reports including 19 and 10C, E.S.I. online Return and Reports, Welfare Monthly and Quarterly Reports, State wise Professional Tax Management and Reports, Bonus Calculation and Reports, gratuity Calculation and Reports.
Cost To Company (CTC) Actual and On Basic, Full and Final Reports and receipts, MIS reporting.
Leave management with opening and closing leave balance, details of taken leaves and Annual leave reports option.

Personal File

After joining of employees HR department required to generate lots of reports for employee filing purpose. When we design this module we keep it in mind that how this module helps H.R. Department to manage employee personal file. You can also find some "Hindi Reports" format for export houses for there compliance.

Sticker for file, Front page of file, Appointment Letter in Hindi and English, Bio data, Joining report, Joining check list, Confirm letter, I-card (temp), Age proof certificate
Form-D, Form-16, Form-1, Form-11, Service Record, Fitness Certificate, Declaration Form
Promotion Letter Salary, Promotion letter Designation and more Formats

Factory Act

Every factory has to submit their return under factory act . company has to submit half yearly and year factory act return.

Annual Return (Form no. 34), FORM N (Maternity Benefit), Annual Return (FORM III ), Annual Return (Workmen's Compensation), FORM M (Maternity Benefit, FORM L (Maternity Benefit), Form No IV-A (Wages && Deduction From Wages), Half Yearly Return (Form No. 22), Adult worker Register.


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