Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Create a Responsive Web Design with Umpteen Numbers of Benefits

Inquisitor Infosoft Pvt Ltd adheres to the standard techniques and practices of web design to ensure highly responsive web pages that glide through host of mobile devices of age. Our web designers graduated to serve the new paradigm of mobile responsiveness; especially in wake of Google emphasizing the same for better search resonance! Any entity that seeks to gain mileage and value in the internet domains needs to pool in a website that rapidly adapts to different web enabled devices in terms of screen resolution, OS, UXD and input methods among others. Our developers work on all the dimensions of responsive web design and make websites that never suffer through discrepant interfacing. In this manner, your website finds the optimized visibility quotient in the web and can be easily accessed by any user on the go! 


A responsive website has the capability to adapt to the device being used. Most websites were designed to be viewed on a full screen desktop monitor or laptop. When accessed through smaller screens like that of smart phones, some parts of the page are cut off, forcing the viewers to scroll. This can be tiresome and annoying, especially to the viewers with very little time to spare. The solution to this setback is by designing a website that can be conveniently viewed on smaller screens as it is in wide screen monitors.

Why you need Responsive Website?

Cost, Time & Maintenance

Creating conventional website & then separate mobile website is costly affair. It's time consuming and also extra effort in maintaining both the sites. The responsive website cost's extra 25% but it worth going for it. In long term investing in responsive website design is the smartest decision.

The Future is Mobile

Very soon, mobile browsing will take over desktop browsing, the main reason mobiles are very handy. You can access any information on your figure-tips in few clicks. Most of the people use their mobile to read any article, news & do research related to products & services.

Higher Ranking in Mobile Search

Responsive design is an edge over conventional website when it comes to making your website both mobile and search engine friendly. By providing a single, dynamic version of your website to both desktop and mobile visitors, you make it easier for search engines